– Hotel bears no responsibility for any valuables in the guest rooms. Safes are available in all rooms.
– No complaints will be accepted unless a report has been submitted or discussed with the hotel management and your travel agent’s representative prior to your departure.
– Guests consent to the use of their personal data as mentioned above, both for administrative purposes and for medical reasons.
– Guests agree to vacate their room on the day of departure until 11 a.m. and understand that check-in will be after 15:00.
– The hotel complies with all hygiene regulations and has been adapted for the SARS-COV-2 treatment in accordance with the protocols established by the NHS. Accordingly,, guests agree to these protocols and must comply with all the prescribed measures at their own risk.
– Guests agree that they will immediately report to staff members if they notice any symptoms of Covid-19 in themselves or any other visitor.
– Guests who do not stay at the hotel will not be accepted to its premises, including the entrance and lobby.
– Visitors accept that these measures are likely to result in changes or cancellations from the published descriptions and services we offer.
– According to all the above, the hotel does not bear any responsibility for a possible case of SARS-COV-2 virus during the stay of the guests and they cannot have any claim against the hotel if such a thing happens.

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